After Christmas Escape 6 Game

After Christmas Escape 6

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In the previous challenge, we had already joined Mac who went from a Christmas party and came home wasted, he lost his keys to his house too and the cold was biting outside, that is indeed truly a problem. This time however, we go far-away from any winter land and into a small village somewhere near a forest. Christmas seems to be a lot quieter there and some don't even celebrate it, but as for Jasper however he celebrates it big-time and that's why he went out of the village to buy stuff for tonight's feast with his family. But as he got home bringing all that he needed however, he experienced a problem which he did not expect.

Jasper lost his keys and no matter how he looked for them, he just couldn't! Darn, he can't get inside his house without them, maybe it fell along the way in or even out of the village? Wherever it is he must go back and find it, it's good that there is still time but it is not unlimited though so he must be quick. Escape players, help Jasper here find his lost keys for his house before his time runs out.

After Christmas Escape 6 is a brand new point and click house escape game from Avm Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first as the start of the series.

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