Affable Cook Escape

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The duke’s cook belongs to a class of elite chefs and one can bet the stuff he makes are of exquisite taste. The key to this specific chef to make his cooking even more delicious though, is to just praise him. One can still give him criticism as long as it’s constructive but he takes complements very well, it makes him joyful and it affects his cooking up to a great deal. And so he is the duke’s stay-in chef now and he cooks for him with no fail. But one day however, something seems to have happened for the chef was nowhere to be found!

The duke is getting furious of this, but he is also confused for he knows his chef never fails him and when he does, it is only just very minor things. But this is downright big and wherever he is, he better has a good explanation why he disappeared. The duke assigned one of his knights to come and search for the chef, and that knight was Kieth and he was surprised where he found the chef. Escape players, come and play as Kieth the knight here and see for yourself what happened to the chef and also if you can help him.

Affable Cook Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.