Adventurous Boy Escape

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Ben had this friend who was still young but what he can do however was similar to that of a businessman! Well technically he wasn’t a very young boy, he was just too young for someone who was successful and only by doing that with his own strength. Ben knew him though and he never thought he’d become successful on such short notice. That day, Ben had been called by him for he asked for a tour-guide in the city where Ben now lives and he was in-luck, for Ben works as a tour-guide in the immediate area. Of course Ben accepted for that’s his friend and even though they weren’t very close like best-friends, he’ll still do the honors.

Ben drove to the house where his friend was currently staying in when he arrived in the city, but he never expected that this friend of his was actually experiencing some trouble inside the house and it’s a good thing Ben arrived not so long after it happened. Ben’s friend was trapped in the house and he could not explain what had happened! Well that goes too for Ben definitely, but he’ll surely help his friend for he needs a hand. Escape players, come and join Ben here on this rescue and try not to destroy anything as you do.

Adventurous Boy Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.