Adventures Treasure Cave Escape Game

Adventures Treasure Cave Escape

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When you were younger, you wished to become a spy. Spies were the coolest people for you and they seemed to know everything. You were a shy kid and couldn't do much fearing people would criticize you. So you mostly just keep to yourself all the things you wished to do. But you thought that as a spy, you would need to do a lot of stuffs. And you would also be able to perform them all without letting others know it was you. It seemed like the perfect situation for you. But as you grew older, you realized that being a spy would take a lot of work. You began to enjoy traveling and being out and about without having to socialize much. Being a spy became too much for you. Yet you still do some investigations focusing on treasures in caves.

One movie inspired you to explore the caves and discover as much as you could about them. The caves were used as shelter by so many generations for various reasons. So there must be something inside them that held great value even for the present generation. Play Adventure Treasure Cave Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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