Adventures Prison Escape 2 Game

Adventures Prison Escape 2

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The teenage years are the best years in your life. However, you can do something that you should not do at this time. On the other side, these are good stories to tell especially when you do things with your friends. Last night, the police caught you and your friends because of the naughty things that you did on the street. So, even if you are all in jail, it's still fun. But you all know that this trouble has to end. You can't spend the rest of your life in the prison so you planned an escape plan. That plan is so effective but unfortunately, you are can't keep up with them. They already bailed out but you are left behind. They can't go back for you but they did something to help you out. Your friends left clues along the so you can also escape.

They are waiting for you at the exit so you have to hurry up. This might be the best adventure for you and your friends. This story is fun to tell when you grow old so you have to end this story happily.  Play Adventures Prison Escape 2 room escape game from NSR Games and find a way to escape. Good luck!

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