Adventures Gift Escape Game

Adventures Gift Escape

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You had been to a lot of adventures and you already gathered so many tips in surviving it. You've written a book about it and it was selling good. But sometimes, people still wanted to have some personal time with you to ask more questions. You always gave them time during book signings. The organizer had to usually mark the end of the line so you could move to the next location. There was a girl there who weren't able to make it. You could see she had a lot on her mind. And she was very disappointed for not being able to get close to you. You were about to call her over when the signing started. You became busy and the girl left your mind. After the event, while walking towards your car, you saw the girl once more. This time you made sure to approach her.

It surprised her but she was able to ask the questions she had. You gave her points and then told her to tell you about her adventures. However, a few days went by and you still hadn't heard from her. So you decided to go to her location to check how she was doing. Play Adventures Gift Escape room escape game by WoW Escape.

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