Adventures Friends Escape Game

Adventures Friends Escape

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Davie and his friends all know that the forest possesses some strange qualities and people should never go in there. But all three of them went for an adventure there and in no time, they were all swallowed by the illusions of the forest and Davie then thought the people were right, the place can indeed make people crazy. But because Davie was more of a fighter and refuses to give-in, he managed to escape from the place but sadly though his friends were nowhere to be found. Davie wasn't out of the woods yet and he's afraid that his sigh of relief was too soon.

Davie decided to go and rescue his friends for he can't just abandon them, they got into this adventure together and of course they will get out from it together as well, Davie vowed to himself though that he will never pull something like this again. Escape players, Davie is very afraid that he might not be able to get this rescue done because he barely escaped from the illusions prior, and now he is going to face it again. Will you help him out for the sake of his friends? Be very ready with the forest then for it will really get to your mind's weakness.

Adventures Friends Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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