Adventure Of Painting Game

Adventure Of Painting

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Art is the reason why your life is colorful right now. It is also the reason why you feel so alive. In fact, sometimes you wish that you are inside one of those paintings so you can see the art personally. But you didn't expect that your wish will come true today. You touched a magical painting and the next thing you know is that you are inside it. It is indeed cool to be inside the painting but eventually, you need to come out from there. You have a real life outside the painting. You need to get out from this abstract and to do that, you need to solve some puzzles. Those puzzles will not only test your creativity but also your logic and escape skills. You can live with art but you can't live inside the art.

Be quick and find clues that can help you to solve the Adventure Of Painting. Those clues could be in a form of abstract so you need to look through the art thoroughly. Adventure Of Painting is a brand new outdoor escape game from Nsr Games. Play this exciting point n' click escape game and use your creativity to escape. Best of luck!

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