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Adventure Of Larissa

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Larissa is an adventurer. She has already traveled literally half of the world. And if you take time to talk to her, she won't get tired of telling her stories. She's an orphan. She entered the orphanage at two years old. But along with her stuffs was a looking glass. Her guardians took great care of the looking glass and only showed it to her when she was thirteen years old. They must have felt the importance of the looking glass. So they made sure that it was in perfect condition when it was handed to her. You witnessed the giving of the looking glass. She had a wide smile on her face and she couldn't stop looking at it. Then she turned it around and saw the little words engraved on it. "Travel far." Those were the words that fueled her adventurer spirit.

And you came in the picture as a scribe. She loved having you around as you take great care in documenting your travels. So she made a promise to always have you around. You loved the idea as well. However, your adventures weren't always on the bright side. So you made sure to give your best to help Larissa finish her adventures one at a time. Play Adventure Of Larissa room escape game by NSR Games.

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