Adventure Of Kallithea Game

Adventure Of Kallithea

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You accepted the job hoping to earn enough money for your expenses. You were planning to buy a vehicle. So you wouldn't have to be soaked in sweat or rain. However, your target vehicle is quite expensive. And to think you were planning to but it without a source of income. So you approached the structure with the sign needing help. You presented yourself in the best way you can. The owner didn't have much choice so he hired you. You were to deliver stuffs to various locations. It was an easy and fun job for you. Then again, you were not very good with directions. You easily get lost in theme parks and you find it hard to mark places. But you kept this as a secret from your employer or else he might have second thoughts. So you bravely took off on your first trip.

You managed to find the area. But you still have to locate the exact house. You looked around trying to find something that'll tell you of the right place. Yet everything looked generic and nothing really stood out. Instead of just standing still, you walked around hoping to get where you were getting to. Play Adventure Of Kallithea outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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