Adventure Of Evosmos

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Evosmos is your neighbor since birth. He was your closest friend and you always play together. There are also times when your families go to trips together. It was like having a brother from another family. You likewise go to the same school. And when your family decided to move to another city, it devastated Evosmos. It seemed like he doesn’t know how to live without you anymore. Secretly, you feel the same but you don’t want your family to worry. So you just pack your bags silently. Then your mom comes into your room to talk about moving. You tell her you’re finding it hard but if it needs to be done, then you’ll follow. Your mom hugs you tightly before leaving. Tears drop silently as you look out the window. Unknowingly, Evosmos is looking at your window. You instantly dry your tears up and continue packing.

But Evosmos doesn’t want to let you go just yet. So at dinner time, he talks with your parents about going on a last adventure in this neighborhood. You don’t know what he’s talking about but your parents readily agree. And the next morning, you’re out exploring abandoned homes until you’re trapped in one. Play Adventure Of Evosmos room escape game by NSR Games.