Adventure Of Cursed Dippa Game

Adventure Of Cursed Dippa

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A new environment would be great so you went to the nearby mountain to breathe some fresh air. You thought that there's no one in there but you are wrong. There is a small dippa community and the people in this place are not friendly at all. In fact, they look at you like you are a criminal. They don't like any people not their kind in this land. They feel like you trespassed so they put a curse on you. This is a lesson that they gave you and that lesson is not to invade the tribe's privacy. This is not what's on your mind all along but since you can't understand each other, you don't have a chance to explain. There's nothing you can do but to remove the curse so you can escape from this place.

There are tons of puzzles that you have to solve before you can get away from this place. But even though this is your situation right now, there are still good people in this community and they gave you clues that can help you escape. Adventure Of Cursed Dippa is the newest outdoor escape game from NSR Games that will test your logic. Good luck!

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