Adventure Halloween Escape Game

Adventure Halloween Escape

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Adventure Halloween Escape is the newest point and click scary adventure escape game created by Games 4 Escape. Best of luck to everyone who will try!

Val was looking for another fun adventure that evening of Halloween and he did found one, but it isn't going to be that harmless adventure however, for he took-on the house which was not to be disturbed thanks to the various strange occurrences that happened there through the years. But Val was that kind of person who takes no heed to anything, so he examined the place thoroughly to really confirm that there's nobody in there and when it's done, he entered and a problem came almost immediately!

Val was showered with dark energy instantly and that got him trying to scramble out of there! But it was unfortunately a futile attempt for the doors wouldn't open no matter how he tried. Okay, there is definitely something weird going-on in the rooms of the house here, but because Val was experiencing it first-hand, he must find his way out right-now for who knows what might happen next and most obviously he would not like it. Escape players, this could be quite a tough escape here with Val, but would you still join in and try if you can escape safely? Go ahead then, stay alert for the flying bats up on the ceiling.


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