Adventure Christmas Gift Escape Game

Adventure Christmas Gift Escape

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The stack of Christmas gifts from the main town have finally arrived at the village! The town bothers to give them presents for there are only a few of them and they live very far from the town, so it's only best to give them something for the holidays, that's according to the town's chief. As a villager there as well who works as the transporter of goods to and from the village, Wallace has a very important job here and it can be dangerous sometimes for the terrain is not always good especially during winter. But Wallace has done this many times and only had a few close-shaves from danger through the years.

That night, Wallace finally arrives from the town with all the goods and the presents with him and it wasn't an easy journey, but he made it. The gifts were distributed and all were happy, well except for one though for a kid didn't get to receive one! Wallace was dumbfounded, for there was a list and everything was in it and the gifts are all accounted for. This is not good, for that gift might have fallen along the way and if he has to venture into the path again just to find it if it is ever there, then it will be dangerous. But a kid is sad here and Wallace does not want to see that, so he decided to go and get that missing gift back wherever it is. Escape players, Wallace here is going to need some help in getting back a missing gift in the wilderness. Who knows where it is exactly but finding it now is a priority, will you be able to help Wallace get back to the village with that gift?

Adventure Christmas Gift Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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