Activistic Restaurant Escape Game

Activistic Restaurant Escape

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Activistic Restaurant Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games for more fun escape adventures with us daily. Have fun!

There were no guests at the restaurant that day, for as the owner of the place, Clyde must make renovations for his restaurant cannot hold the occasional full-house every weekend. Clyde can only make a few changes to fit the time needed before he can open again, but that day as he makes such changes, something happened and he was caught right in the middle of it!

Clyde had partially finished his fixes, but something was missing and he needed to go to the hardware store to purchase that, but well he couldn't get-out of his place however for the main-door is now mysteriously locked! That's okay, for he has another door out back, but sadly that too was jammed-shut. Someone might be playing a prank on him here, for the place is hardly even haunted thanks to how busy it is 24/7 during the weekends and also late in the weekdays, this could all be just a coincidental glitch which he must solve now. Escape players, Clyde needs to leave his restaurant for his time is very valuable to him, care to join in on the escape and see if you can all solve this problem? Good luck then everyone, enjoy!

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