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The sun was brightly shining when you left your home. The birds were flying overhead and the sky was clear. You took a long walk towards the forest. You always walk towards this forest to listen to the sounds of nature. But you started hearing some strange sounds. These sounds weren't present during your past walks. So it piqued your curiosity and it made you follow them. It seemed that your direction was correct since the sound was getting clearer and clearer. You stopped in your steps when you saw a building looming over you. You wondered what this building could have been but it sure had been abandoned a long time ago. The sounds were coming from the inside which meant you couldn't stop here. So you needed to continue inside to really find out the source of the sounds.

You walked past the open doors into the dark building. The dust made you cough hard and your eyes watered. But the dust settled and you began to explore the place some more. Just then, maybe due to the weakened structure, something fell on the entrance. It blocked the only way you can leave. Play Acropolis room escape game by Melting-Mindz.

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