Acrobat House Escape Game

Acrobat House Escape

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This is the perfect house for an energetic person like you. You have a lot of items in your house that can keep you physically busy. There are indoor slides, pull up bars and trampoline inside your acrobat house. However, those things are still not enough for you to let go of all of your energy. Even if you have all those items in your house, you still have to go out. The outdoor is still a different feeling for you so you planned to go to the park. But looks like you can't do that today because you can't find your key. Without that key, you can't open the door and that also means that you can't get out.

The thing is, you feel like you body deteriorates when you stayed at your house for so long. You need the sunlight to revitalize. So, you have to gather clues that can lead you to where the key is. You have to use your acrobatic skills to find the key as soon as possible. You also have to use your logic to be successful in this puzzle. Acrobat House Escape is a brand new room escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun!

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