Acridity Elephant Escape Game

Acridity Elephant Escape

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There was this elephant which has an acrid smell that frequents the village and it's being disliked heavily by pelting stuff! That's not fair as Dexter sees it, that's why he shoos the animal carefully so that the people won't pelt it again, Dexter just holds his breathe though and then the animal goes. But one day however, Dexter didn't know that the king actually got involved with the issue and ordered for the capture of the elephant! Knowing the king Dexter thought there is a chance he will execute the it but even though the chance is little, Dexter won't take any chances.

Dexter was in time fortunately, for the people have set traps and it captured it successfully! It so happens that Dexter found the animal first and now, this is his chance to save the animal and maybe he can just transport it someplace else so it can live normally. This is definitely a crime punishable by the king what he is about to do, but Dexter is just and he must do it and hopefully with the luck that he won't get discovered. Escape players, will you help Dexter here rescue the smelly elephant before it's too late for it?

Acridity Elephant Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.

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