Abandoned Zoo Escape Game

Abandoned Zoo Escape

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Aron once had a dream to visit the city and he really wanted that to be fulfilled, so he worked hard and did all the chores that he can in their little community somewhere far-out in the outskirts of the country. One day, he finally had enough funds and now it's time to visit the city, he traveled for hours with any means until he arrives in the middle of the day. The place was overwhelming and crowded, lots of sounds but it seems that it doesn't deter him, he even blends in. At first he doesn't know what to do but then he decided maybe he'll visit the zoo which he was told by his neighbors who once been to the place is a must to visit, but as he got to the place with all the difficulty that he had been through, the zoo was unfortunately closed for the day.

Aron doesn't know what to do now especially that he is not familiar with the place, nor he has somebody to take him in. He should have thought about going there and maybe had a plan first, but still he is proud that he made it but he needs to do something now or the city will eat him. Escape players, will you help Aron here with his next move? Place yourself on his shoes and maybe try to get back home.

Abandoned Zoo Escape is a brand new point and click city escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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