Abandoned Way to Escape Game

Abandoned Way to Escape

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Try your skills of escape here on this dilapidated house escape. Abandoned Way to Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun!

One of the houses in the neighborhood is dilapidated, one can be sure that nobody comes near it for the rumors have already sprung about the place being haunted, but nobody really can prove it for those were all just rumors and nobody even had the courage to venture that house, not even thieves for they know there is nothing to steal there. That day however, Christian got pretty curious of the place and because there is nobody else is curious about it, he came in alone and unfortunately, that wasn't such a good one though.

Well it was good at first, but it spiraled down pretty quickly when he finally decided he'll leave for he really got nothing from the house except knowledge, well that's because he can't get himself out now for the entrances have been locked-shut! Christian told himself okay, this place is already rickety and old, which means escaping from there is going to be easy, well think again. Escape players, care to join in with the ruined house escape challenge here with Christian and see if you can all make it out safely? Good luck then and may you find items that can help.

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