Abandoned Vintage House Escape 2 Game

Abandoned Vintage House Escape 2

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Vintage is the root of being classy. You have an eye for every classy object. While you were driving downtown, a house caught your attention. The house is quite old but this what makes the house great. The oldness of the house made it look vintage. You like this house very much but unfortunately, there's no one in this house anymore. Because of this, you don't have someone to negotiate with. You want to buy this house badly. For the meantime, you checked the house by yourself. The look of this house outside suits what's inside. It is indeed vintage. However, the oldness of the house made the house a little bit rusty especially the door. This is also the reason why it's hard to open the door. This house maybe classy but you can't stay inside forever.

Good thing that there are still objects in this house that you can use to escape. Collect those items and use your logic to convert those into an escape tool. There are also clues that can help you out. All you have to do is to look for those. Abandoned Vintage House Escape 2 is another room escape game made by First Escape Games. Have fun!

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