Abandoned Urban Place Escape Game

Abandoned Urban Place Escape

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The abandoned urban house is free for you to venture into everyone! Go ahead and give it a try. Abandoned Urban Place Escape is a brand new point and click ruined indoor escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

Almost everyone Victor had known have been to the abandoned house and all have said their stories about the place while they were inside, what's common with their stories however is that the place was quite creepy, that's why Victor decided to check the place out for himself too for he was the only one in the gang who had never been there but he'll give himself a bit of a catch however, for he will go in there alone.

Victor entered the house that day and the first thing he noticed that the house was really untidy and ruined, the place might have been a good place to live in back in the days while it was still decent, wonder what happened there and why it got abandoned? Victor traversed further into the house for he was getting more interested with the place when suddenly, he began to realize the creepiness and from there a problem surfaced. Victor heard a sound from downstairs and when he came to check it, he noticed that the doors of the place seems closed, he tried it and that's when he know he was trapped. Victor could not open the door even though he had kicked it and it seems that it just got worst. Escape players, care to join Victor here as he really tries to escape out of the ruined house quickly? Go ahead then and try not to scramble everywhere.

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