Abandoned Unknown Place Escape Game

Abandoned Unknown Place Escape

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The old and scary house which was in the neighborhood where Frank lives is in his bucket-lists to enter, as an antique collector and a fan of the paranormal, he had already been to many places and he has seen as well as found things in his previous adventures, but he had never been to the strange scary house ever since due to warnings and safety concerns. Now though, he has enough experience and all of the gear needed to enter the house which can make him safe, well little did he know something new is coming his way there and he was unfortunately unprepared for it.

At first, Frank's team is outside as he enters the place going room to room and checking for everything before they can start recording, but as Frank enters the attic however, he picked-up a strange feeling there and it seems like it's shoving him away! Oh yes it was too much for him, but as he tried the door however so he can get himself out of there, the door was now locked and wouldn't budge! This is definitely an issue and worst for his radio wouldn't even work! Now this is really something, but he needs to get himself out of there for the feeling is overwhelming and he thought he might pass-out if he doesn't get himself out right-now. Escape players, come and test your skills here under pressure by placing yourself on the shoes of Frank as he escapes from the scary and potentially haunted attic. Ready now and be very careful.

Abandoned Unknown Place Escape is the newest point and click scary indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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