Abandoned Tunnel Game

Abandoned Tunnel

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You visited Vietnam last year. It was your first time and you couldn't get enough of the place. The food there was simply amazing. Although you had some not so good experiences with some people. Then again, generally they were wonderful. One of the things you couldn't forget was you trip to the tunnels. It was like walking during war times since you could hear some gunshots. You looked around and saw some figures dressed in traditional clothing. You closed your eyes for a moment and it was like you were brought back to the past. Then your guide led you to the tunnels. He can easily fit there since he's quite small. However, for someone tall like you, it was quite a challenge. But you still tried it. You just stood in the tunnel and then tried to sit to really disappear from the ground.

He then led you to more tunnels where there were various exits. These all depended on the length of tunnel you wished to explore. But going though this tunnels needed so much focus. And you simply lack those. So instead of exiting, you moved into the deeper parts of the tunnel until you lost your way. Play Abandoned Tunnel room escape game by NSR Games.

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