Abandoned Train 2 Game

Abandoned Train 2

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You're crazy about trains as you don't have one in your city. While a lot of people are being sick of seeing trains and having to ride them everyday, you're pretty excited every time you see one. And that excitement elevates when you get a chance to ride it. This week you'll surely have a lot of chances to ride the vehicle as you stay in a different city. You're still trying to familiarize yourself with the routes of the train. But you're very willing to take your time in learning them one by one. You don't only stop admiring trains when you ride them. You have a special day for visiting abandoned trains. A restaurant with a train them will surely have a lot of curious costumers walking in. It will surely help your friend in conceptualizing her business. You didn't ask for any assistance with the abandoned trains.

You want to explore them as much as possible without someone waiting for you. So you start your way from the entrance until you reach the end of the train. You look around and find the empty space relaxing. But out of nowhere, you hear someone calling your attention. You listen intently and find the source of the voice. It seems like you have more to do here than just to check the vehicles out. Play Abandoned Train 2 outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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  1. Date: August 14, 2018
    Author: al
    One of my favorite game makers, wonder if they are done or coming back soon?

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