Abandoned Town

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It’s been a long while since you last went to back to your home town. Things were very busy. But now that you got time, you went back to the town that you love the most. You are very eager to see your lovely town but when the bus stopped, it’s not a lovely town that you saw. There are no smiling faces in here and your friends are not in this place anymore. The only thing that you can see are empty campuses and lonely sidewalks. You wonder what happened to you old town but you guess that people abandoned it since a strong typhoon came. You love this town but you love the people more.

The reason why you went back is to see them and not this Abandoned Town. The good news is, you still have contact with your friends and they just live on the other side of the town. However, you can’t go there to visit them if you can’t find the way out. Thankfully, there are clues around the place that can help you to solve this puzzle. Play this newest outdoor escape game by First Escape Games and escape from the Abandoned Town. Good luck!