Abandoned Theatre Escape Game

Abandoned Theatre Escape

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There is an abandoned theater in the edge of town and it is said that the place was a big hit back in its glory days, now its complexes are being eaten away by time and soon the place will really be forgotten, well it is already a forgotten for nobody goes there anymore even the rascals who hides there before. Earl wanted to see the place and what he can find there, maybe some useful tools and other stuff? And so he entered without seeing that there is trouble looming in the corner.

Earl didn't give a thought that the place was actually pretty wide, he had been moving forward for minutes but still there is no end to the complex he is in. He is not finding any interesting things still and that's why he kept moving until, he didn't realize he was lost! Earl is definitely a person who was not considering things especially the small ones which can potentially get him in trouble, now that he is lost and alone, he couldn't get any help but from you escape players! Want to join in the escape here with Earl from the old theater so you can help him as well?

Abandoned Theatre Escape is another new point and click ruins escape game made by 5n Games.

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