Abandoned Thanksgiving Land Escape Game

Abandoned Thanksgiving Land Escape

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People used to go this place to celebrate Thanksgiving Day before they have their own house. Now that the civilization has leveled up, people don't go here anymore. They tend to celebrate it privately with their own families. You want to reminisce the good old days when you and your neighbors gather here to eat the most delicious turkey in the world. It's such a good time to remember those days. However, you have to go back to your own home for the thanksgiving dinner. You would love to join your family for the dinner but there is a problem that you have to solve first. This place doesn't looks like the way it used to be.

This is the reason why you are finding it hard to escape. So, you have to look for clues that can help you to find the correct way out. The dinner will start in just a few minutes so you have to be quick. Your logic is very important for you to escape successfully so you have to see that. Abandoned Thanksgiving Land Escape is a brand new room escape game by Big Escape Games that will test your escape skills. Best of luck!

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