Abandoned Sugar Mill Escape Game

Abandoned Sugar Mill Escape

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Enjoy this escape adventure here everyone from a rusty place. Abandoned Sugar Mill Escape is a brand new point and click factory escape game released by Genie Fun Games. Have Fun!

Rust and sugar residues have finally engulfed the abandoned sugar mill, thanks to how it had been left unattended for years, nature is starting to get it back through vegetation, iron oxide, and old glucose which was once pumped in there. It's creepy there now especially when the sun sets, but Craig is a brave enough to face whatever spooks is there or he is just ignorant of it. Well little did he know as he got to the place that it's actually a bad idea especially when he decided to come alone in that place.

Craig journeyed around the rusty cauldrons once filled with mountains of sugar, he was really excited of the adventure, for wherever he turns he finds various interesting things, but it turned for the worst quickly though, for the pipes and the hallways became confusing and as a result, he got lost in there! The sun is going to set on the sugar mill here soon, will Craig be able to get himself out with a little help from you escape players? Go ahead then and give it a go!

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