Abandoned School Hallway Escape Game

Abandoned School Hallway Escape

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Abandoned School Hallway Escape is a brand new point and click building escape game released by Genie Fun Games. Have Fun on this adventure here through a place forgotten by society.

Mike was trying his best to enter the abandoned building which was actually once a school, but things happen so in the end the place was shut-down. One might wonder why would someone try his or her best to enter in such a place, but Mike has a mission to uncover something in there and he based that from the old stories when the school was still being used. You see, Mike is a paranormal expert and those kinds of things really sparks his interests.

After numerous attempts to enter, Mike finally successfully made a small hole in a wall and from there, he now has access to the school and document paranormal things there to his heart's content. Mike ventured along the halls of the school and for the first few moments, things seems to be slow, but when something happened however it was instant and definitely loud and clear! But it was unfortunate for Mike however, for all of the doors suddenly slammed shut and at that moment, Mike is trapped in the hallway of the school. Now this is some price to pay for trespassing. Escape players, want to try this adventure here with Mike and see if you can solve the problem? Good luck and may the paranormal things there stays away from you. Enjoy!

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