Abandoned Primary School Escape Game

Abandoned Primary School Escape

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Your elementary school gave you a number of bad dreams. There was a laboratory beside the comfort rooms that always gave you the creeps. People said there was a fetus inside a jar there. For so many years you believed it. And at night, you would have scary dreams about the comfort rooms. Later on you realized, the snakes inside the bottles might be real. But the fetus would never be allowed there. You weren't able to return to your school for a long time. Unfamiliar people managed the place. And you no longer felt welcomed there. So every time you passed by it, you just have a longing gaze for it. Then after a couple more years, the primary school closed. It was a private school and it wasn't able to sustain itself after more parents chose public schools.

You felt sad at the sight of it. So many memories with your friends and mentors happened there. You couldn't stand just passing by it anymore. You entered the school to relive the good and fun times you had. But it seemed like someone wanted you to relish the past forever. Play Abandoned Primary School Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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