Abandoned Place Rescue Game

Abandoned Place Rescue

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Abandoned Place Rescue is the newest point and click ruined house escape game from Genie Fun Games for more dose of escape adventures with us. Have fun!

Nobody could believe in the neighborhood that a luxurious house such as they were seeing could just be abandoned like that. For decades, old people had shared their stories about the place of a very prominent family living there once, they weren't bad at all and even gives gifts to their neighbors every Christmas, but one day they just left and never came-back leaving their house unattended for years. As Larry's grandmother did said, that was a long time ago but still, Larry was very curious of the place until to the point that he really entered the abandoned house!

Larry saw how grand the place was inside, it's even better if not for the trash and the ruins there, but it was old and that's understandable. Larry continued his adventure in the huge house and that's where he knew how big it was, he still kept going and that of course was a bad idea especially in a place such as this. On his adventure around the house, Larry began to notice he was somehow becoming lost, that became a reality unfortunately thanks to how he was treating the situation and in the end, he became full-blown lost in the house! Larry is now in a situation which can potentially get worst, escape players care to join in the escape with Larry here in the abandoned huge house? Go ahead then and may your skills as well as your logic be enough for that. Good luck!

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