Abandoned Park House Escape Game

Abandoned Park House Escape

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There was a year when you were able to get to three countries. There were also years when you just roam around your country. But this year, you'll be off to explore another foreign country. This country is quite expensive. But you're thinking that regardless of when you'll go here, it'll still be expensive. So you take the chance and paid a lot of money for it. You're still working hard up to this day to make enough to support yourself. You don't mind the hard work you're doing. You believe it's all worth it when it's for your dream destination. And so your documents are all ready and you just have to board the plane and get to your destination. While on the plane, you saw amazing sights. And you believe you'll see more of that when you land.

The weather is so fine that it makes you smile. You didn't do advance booking to any accommodations as you want this to be an adventure as well. So you pick a random place to check out. It leads you to the outskirts of the city. There you see the abandoned park house that you're thinking of making into a place to stay. You enter the place so easily. Now it's getting out that's the problem. Abandoned Park House Escape is a room escape game by Eight Games.

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