Abandoned Office Game

Abandoned Office

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Your company is on budget and it is almost bankrupt. Because of this, you have to think of a way to save your company. The solution that you can think of is to move to a cheaper office space. So, you searched for a space where you can do your business. Thankfully, you saw this abandoned office downtown. It's a bit old but it will do. But before you let your staffs move into the place, you went there to see the place for yourself. In there, you found out that there are lots of things that you need to fix especially the door. You wish that you have the tools that you can use to open the door because you are stuck in the room right now. Since you don't have anything that you can use, you have to roam around and gather some useful items.

You can convert those office tools into escape tools if you will use your logic. You have to save your company and work with this abandoned office. But first you have to find a way to escape. Play this newest room escape game from 5n Games and use your logic to escape from the Abandoned Office. Best of luck!

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