Abandoned Mansion X Escape Game

Abandoned Mansion X Escape

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Abandoned Mansion X Escape is an exciting point and click luxury indoor escape game developed by Selfdefiant for more dose of fun with us daily.

Philip and his friends went on a vacation to a luxurious mansion and they thought it's going to be fun thanks to the fact that the place was rumored to be haunted. Throughout the day, nothing big seems to had happened in their stay and that includes nighttime, but they aren't giving-up hope yet and they are sure to experience something paranormal later, but that only happened to Philip however one morning after he woke-up.

Philip opened his eyes and saw that his friends were all gone! At first he thought it was a trap or something, but sooner as Philip tries his search for the gang, he found-out two things. First his friends are nowhere to be found and second, he is actually trapped in the place for he could not open the doors for the way out! This is definitely a weird one here even though this seems like a prank and if it is, Philip is going to play with it, will he be able to escape the mansion and show it to his friends that he can? Escape players, you are welcome to try the escape adventure with Philip from this huge luxurious mansion. Good luck then everyone, have fun with us daily!

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