Abandoned Lost Factory Escape Game

Abandoned Lost Factory Escape

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The rusty old factory which had been abandoned years ago had never been recreated and it just stands there collecting dust and grime. The place is not uninhabited by anybody but for Adrian however, he thinks so otherwise at least at the back of his mind and also, he acquired data too that there is something valuable which is being kept deep within the place and that really sparked his curiosity. Adrian prepared everything that he thinks he should and when he entered, everything have been good in the first minutes as he roams around the place, but he realized something though after half an hour of being in there and he is starting to hesitate! That emotion can definitely get people in trouble and for Adrian, he did.

Adrian is hearing some things in the distance like somebody was following him as he goes! Maybe somebody actually lives in the place and now they are studying him? Pondered Adrian. But then because of his hesitation, he was in the middle of deciding to just leave or continue, of course the result of that hesitation of his was him getting lost! Adrian feels very flighty now for this is not anymore in his plan, he should have planned this actually, but it's already too late now. Escape players, how will you escape from an old factory here if you are faced with the same situation as Adrian's?

Abandoned Lost Factory Escape is another new point and click old place escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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  1. Date: September 23, 2020
    Author: b165042407
    Oh, these people suffering from programmism... Only because of "Big Escape Games" imagination can you find out that a butterfly is the same as an iron, and the radiation hazard icon is the same as some fat moth. [Reply]

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