Abandoned Log House Rescue Game

Abandoned Log House Rescue

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That abandoned house located at the edge of town was said to be just empty, but Kyle doesn't think so for some people said that there is something valuable hidden there and because it is locked and people are constantly brainwashed that there is something is living in the place, nobody would take the chance. But Kyle decided he'll do it though and he knows it won't be an easy task. Kyle is going to try and see if he can enter the place and find something there which can tickle his interests. He is now ready for anything and if ever those stories of something scary is living there are real, then he has his defense for that.

Escape players, Kyle is going to try and get himself inside the house carefully but his first task was upon him immediately, and that is the locked door of the place. Want to join in everyone and see if you can enter the house without too much noise or trouble? Use everything you have and what you can find around the place so you can get inside and begin the real adventure.

Abandoned Log House Rescue is a brand new point and click house escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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