Abandoned In And Out Escape Game

Abandoned In And Out Escape

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The abandoned and really old village near the town is a place not to be ventured into for the structures there are not stable and anybody can get in-danger there in any way possible. That's why one day when Garret's friend went missing and the entire town had been looking for him everywhere, they finally decided to assign people to check the village out and Garret was one of them. As people were trying to find him, Garret managed to do so for he knows his friend and where he would venture, he was inside this abandoned house and he seems to be trapped for the door got jammed!

Garret will be doing this rescue carefully now for the house is rickety and the room could crumble, hurting his friend in the process. Escape players, will you help Garret here rescue his friend from a dangerous situation? Find objects around the place that you can use and try to pry the door open as carefully as you can, do not use brute force there or the results can be devastating.

Abandoned In And Out Escape is another new point and click old house rescue escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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