Abandoned House (365 Escape)

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The abandoned house which was a mansion really is neglected, but even then the greatness of the place is still visible and it could be one heck of a place back in its glory days, but now it is just standing there being withered away by time and the elements. That day, Orville is in that abandoned place for he had been planning to go there for a while now, but he has a chance finally and he will really make the best of this. Orville moved from hall to hall and room to room, it seems to be easy to navigate there for it was a wide place, but little did he know he will still be getting in some trouble in there!

Well that kind of factor is already expected, but he underestimated the place too much though and now he will be paying the price. Escape players, you will now also be paying the price here, well even just for a bit because the escape adventure here from the abandoned place is for you to take and test your skills! Okay now, will you be able to escape from such a place if you were in the shoes of Orville?

Abandoned House is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Abandoned House (365 Escape)


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