Abandoned Hospital Escape Game

Abandoned Hospital Escape

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You are an intern in a private hospital. You're actually looking forward for a new start this year away from the pains of the past. However, it's a big shock for you to see your frenemy inside the hospital as one of the interns as well. Your only hope is that you don't get to be with him. But it seems like the gods of fate are playing tricks on you. You're part of one group. And your assignment is with the ambulance for a week. This means that you have to be always on call. You and your friend try your best not to talk with each other. But you are always reprimanded because of communication gaps. So you're now making a deal to be casual with each other inside the hospital. One of your colleagues is actually enjoying the war between you two.

But she now sees you being casual with each other. And she can't easily accept that her entertainment might get a little bit boring. So she plans to frame one of you. This is so the spark of war will be ignited once more. However, your friend is aware of this but he fails in catching the fall. You're now suffering for it. Play Abandoned Hospital Escape room escape game by Knf Games.


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