Abandoned Holiday House Escape Game

Abandoned Holiday House Escape

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Try this escape adventure here from an eerie house. Abandoned Holiday House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games. Good luck!

The abandoned structure was once Riza's old house and it was a good house definitely when they first moved-in, but it turned dark however and that is one of the reasons they moved-away from the place decades ago. From then nobody had taken the house as their new home and Riza thought it's most likely that the things they left there when they moved in a hurry are still there, so that day she decided to visit the place again and see what she can find there that can bring back some memories, but well as she got to the place the memories that came back wasn't so good, for something happened while she was inside it!

Riza felt the eerie vibe of the place and also the ruined stuff inside, that unfortunate thing which came-up was about Riza getting trapped inside the house and it was sudden! Looks like the place had missed her now it doesn't want to set her free. Escape players, Riza is seeing the darkness that the house has now and it definitely brought in some memories, but the main concern is she needs to escape quickly before the sun goes down. Care to join in on the escape with Riza and see if you can find a way out quickly? Go ahead then and be very careful as you venture through the abandoned house. Have fun!

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