Abandoned High School Escape Game

Abandoned High School Escape

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They say that high school is the most memorable part of a student life. You proved it when you entered National High School. It was ten years ago when you graduated from high school but the memories are still fresh. You can still remember the time when your friends helped you to court your wife. And you will always remember the time when you escaped from class with your friends. Those are just some of the good memories that you treasure. So when you heard the news that your school acquired a new building, you felt so sad. You suddenly missed school so you went to the Abandoned High School where every wall has a story. You stayed for a while to reminisce about how great your high school life was. But it's almost night time so it's time to go home.

You went to the exit but all of the doors are locked. The government locked the door and posted a "demolition" sign at the door. They didn't know that you are still inside. Find a way to escape before the demolition starts. Collect items that you can use to unlock the door. Abandoned High School Escape is the newest room escape game by Eight Games. Good luck!

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