Abandoned Factory Escape 11 Game

Abandoned Factory Escape 11

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While walking around, you saw a man walking towards the abandoned factory. You also wanted to get inside. But you heard that it was dangerous there. So you just waited for the man to leave the factory to ask how it was inside. You spent your time looking around and familiarizing the place. Half an hour already passed and you still haven't seen the man get out. You walked farther away a little more to stretch your limbs and planned to get back a little later. Two hours passed already but the man was still nowhere in sight. You couldn't wait any longer and entered the abandoned factory yourself. You couldn't deny that the place was really abandoned. There was no sign that the place had people taking care of it. Although the fan kept on turning with the help of the wind.

You decided to look for the man first before going to the different parts of the factory. However, you couldn't see him anywhere. Then you decided to call out to him. You heard some muffled reply but you couldn't really tell the direction of the voice. So you decided to just search the whole factory just to find the man. Play Abandoned Factory Escape 11 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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