Abandoned Elementary School Escape Game

Abandoned Elementary School Escape

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Try this fun escape from a ruined building. Abandoned Elementary School Escape is a rand new point and click escape game released by Genie Fun Games. Have Fun!

The abandoned school is a pretty rickety structure at the moment, for after the earthquake the place had the full-blow and it's currently ground zero. But even then there should be someone to check the place for anything even anyone, that's because there are people missing and some of them might be inside still. That certain someone who comes to check the place was Efren and as a rescuer, he knows what not and what to do especially in a place such as this, but something did happened as he was in there and he absolutely did not expect that.

Efren was checking every halls and room in that abandoned school, but because a majority of the place is now deformed, it created an optical illusion and because of that, he got lost in there! Efren was absolutely not allowed to panic for even a subtle force or sound could potentially put this place down to the ground. Escape players, this abandoned school here doesn't have power at the moment and Efren knows that, when the sun goes down this place is going to be extra dangerous and creepy. Care to join Efren here and see if you can make it out from the rubble? Good luck then and stay alert.

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