Abandoned District 01 Game

Abandoned District 01

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The old district which is located in the forest is a very good place, quite lush and serene in there, but it is an old district and nobody lives there anymore. The reasons of it being abandoned too were really unclear but that's why the people living nearby are trying their best to preserve the place. That day, Lehman went to the district once again for maybe a hundred times already to analyze more of the things there and also find more information that can answer what happened to the place. But that day is going to be a little different though, for he will find something there which nobody had ever found before!

Lehman found a new pathway leading to more places in the old district! Lehman was absolutely a fortunate one to have found such a place, for finally the new area here might help him answers more of his questions. But right-now he is experiencing a little bit of a problem, for he is lost in the place. Lehman had already mark the new area, he needs to return home and get more of his equipment then for the new find, but he needs to be able to escape the place first though so escape players, will you help Lehman out? Be careful then for the place is a forest and one can still get dangerously lost there.

Abandoned District 01 is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by First Escape Games.

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