Abandoned Dining Room Escape Game

Abandoned Dining Room Escape

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Going home from work, the nature called you and you really wanted to pee. You check and find a public comfort room but you can’t find one. Seeing a house makes you push your luck and ask for the owner’s permission to let you pee inside their rest room. As you knock the door, no one’s answering you. You push it and try to come inside asking for permission. Again no one’s still answering you. You run and find the rest room in that big house. Finally after checking how many rooms you saw it and pee. You feel more comfortable now and out of curiosity you try to check the dining room, thinking someone might be in there and you can say your thank you. It was a surprise when it’s all wreck and dirty, that’s when you realized you enter an old abandoned house. You are ready to go out when you can’t remember which way is the door outside. In this game developed by Mouse City you need come out in this old abandoned dining room. It’s too creepy to stay and you think that any minute a ghost will appear. You hear a footsteps upstairs. What else do you think? Run for your life!!


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