Abandoned Devil House Escape

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You recently received a murder case. You’ve received quite a number of cases like this. But those cases included suspects. However, in this recent one, there’s no mention of any suspects. There’s just the victim and the one who caused his death. You read the papers thoroughly in case you might have missed something. Then again, that’s all there was to it. Obviously, you can’t work with so little information. So you stepped out of your office to do some investigation. You asked help from your friends in the crime scene investigation. They willingly helped you out and brought their equipment with them. They were unloading their stuffs when you entered the abandoned house where the murder happened. The entrance alone gave off that heavy feeling you normally get with creepy places. But since a murder happened here, it was very much expected. So you moved deeper into the house.

You were expecting your team to be following behind. However, when you looked back, you were all alone. The corridors became very dark for you to see farther. You were hesitating to go further. So you went back to the entrance only to find your team no longer there. You looked at your watch while wondering why they left. But what you saw shocked you more. The date on your watch showed the day the murder took place inside the house. It’s bound to happen once more in a few hours. You searched for your phone and it still showed the same date. The files for the case were also missing from your bag. You felt dizzy for a while. You knew you can’t stay here for long or else you’ll end up as one of the victims. Play Abandoned Devil House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.