Abandoned Decay Room Escape Game

Abandoned Decay Room Escape

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A ton of stories have come forth about the abandoned mansion near the area where John lives and those stories are not really wholesome, but quite spooky. A few have already been to that slowly degrading mansion and some of the stories are just normal, but the rest are very near unbelievable and even then John is very intrigued by such. John will focus on the unbelievable stories for now because he'll be going in the house alone and those stories are his main reasons why he wants to go in, it's kind of a bad decision in going there alone though but he thinks the scary vibes there will increase if he is alone and he'll just record everything. But there is a comforting side on that though, for he will be going-in during the day.

John enters the place and he knew then that it was wise to go in during the day, for if it's dark then that could get him in some real danger there. But even though it was actually day, he'll still get in trouble though and the worst part about it the paranormal things have not even let themselves known! The trouble for John there is that he is now lost and somehow trapped for he could no longer open the doors! Escape players, this is now genuine trouble, will you help John here escape the place and quickly?

Abandoned Decay Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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