Abandoned Classroom Escape Game

Abandoned Classroom Escape

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Abandoned Classroom Escape is the newest point and click ruins escape game from Genie Fun Games for another fun escape here from a dilapidated building. Have fun!

Jen once went to go to class in the now abandoned classroom and it's sad it became like that after all those years. Jen went there once again to see what the place had really become now and just to reminisce, well it had become creepy and ruined that's what she sees. She continued to go further into the place to see what else is there aside from all the rubble and the debris, Jen did found something out and it just escalated her emotions of being uneasy in there!

Jen just got lost in the ruined halls and after that she had no idea what to do! Well, she just wished that she had brought help with her but because she didn't, she is all on her own on this one. Well technically, she isn't because she has you escape players! You can join in on the escape adventure here from the ruined school with Jen and by doing so carefully for the place can be rickety now and of course dangerous. Good luck then everyone and enjoy on this escape here.

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