Abandoned Building 3 Game

Abandoned Building 3

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This building is very significant for you. This is where you lived when you were young until you decided to leave the city. The thing is, you are not the only one who left the building. In fact, everybody that you know left the building for some reasons. This makes you wonder why so you visited the old building. When you went there, you knew why the people left the place. Clearly because it's not safe to live here anymore. More over, it is not safe to roam around this abandoned building. There are cracks everywhere and seems like any time from now, the building will collapse. There is no better thing to do than to leave the vicinity. However, escaping from this building isn't that easy.

The looks of this building is so different than before. Because of this, you are finding it hard to find the way out. Thankfully, there are clues in the room that can show you which way to go. However, there are puzzles that you will encounter on your way out and you have to use your logic for those. Abandoned Building 3 is a brand new room escape game by First Escape Games. Good luck!

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